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It is wise and necessary to periodically inspect your log home. If you are concerned about any potential problems or are considering purchasing an existing home, you might want our experts to thoroughly inspect your home for you.

Inspection Check List


  1. Clean dust and pollen from logs once a year with mild cleaning solution

  2. Use these tips to check the water repellent quality of your existing finish:

    • Look for general patterns of fading of the finish or top coat.

    • Check to see if the ‘sheen’ is still there. Inspect for any cracking, peeling or blistering of finish.

    • Splash water on walls, and then look for it to ‘bead’ or ‘flow’ off. If logs turn dark and absorb the water, your finish is not working to protect the logs.

    • Press masking tape onto a log in a discreet area. Peel back to see if finish remains intact. If any of it comes off, it is time to re-finish your home.

HINT: If your existing stain has a top coat, it is much easier to upkeep it than to wait until the color coats are compromised. Sometimes all you will need to do is touch up the sides of the house that are most exposed to the weather.


  1. Look for water staining on exposed walls and log ends.

  2. Look for discoloured or softened wood.

  3. Inspect for presence of moulds or mildew on top of or under finish.

  4. Closely inspect any logs within 12 inches of the ground.

  5. Keep landscape plants and wood piles 18 inches from the exterior walls.

  6. Keep gutters and down spouts in good working order.

  7. Sprinklers should not direct water at walls.

  8. Inspect integrity of all sealants joinery at log-log interfaces, windows, doors, roof liners or any potential air or water intrusion points. Upward facing checks (1/4 inch or wider) should be sealed.

Please contact us for a free consultation and estimate.
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