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1. We have 3 generations of experience

2. We are master log builders as well as restorers of log homes

3. We have generations of product knowledge & are aware of why some products fail while others last the test of time

Logger cutting wood with chainsaw

4. We are full service. We can help you with building, restoration, inspections even selling!

5. We offer borate treatment which is an important step to fight against fungal decay and wood destroying insects. Others may not inform clients about this option.

6. We offer both hand grinding & media blasting which sets us apart. Others try to sell only what they offer.

Above & Beyond

7. As we complete each project we do a visual and physical log inspection and inform you of any discrepancies.

​8. We can provide a log expert inspection doc in the case that your insurance company requests it or to provide buyers when selling.

9. We communicate & set you up for easy future maintenance.

Construction work planning

10. We are fully insured. Believe it or not, many companies don't carry enough insurance to cover your house as they work on it. 

11. We have WorkSafe BC coverage & follow guidelines.

12. In addition to the warranty that the manufacturers offer on their products, we warranty on our work!

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