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Here are services we offer to beautify and protect your log home:
  1. Media blasting & hand grinding
  2. Log preservative 
  3. Staining
  4. Chinking or energy sealants
  5. Renovations & window installs
  6. Damage & rot repair
  7. Unofficial inspections
  8. Selling your log home
Media Blasting
Hand Grinding

If the stain on your home is compromised, you may need to have the old finish removed in preparation for staining.

We offer both hand grinding & media blasting which sets us apart. Others try to sell only what they offer. Every home is unique so we asses the best option to properly remove old finish or grey from logs. We look at the species, age, and condition of your logs to determine the process best suited for your home.

Log Preservative

We use a borate based solution that

is colorless, odorless, has a very low level of toxicity to people and pets. It should be applied to bare wood before staining.

It is effective for preventing wood decay and insect damage (as seen in the image) to exterior wood members.  Helps the control of termites, wood boring beetles, carpenter ants and wood decay fungi.


A breathable stain with UV inhibitors will need to be applied to protect and bring out the natural beauty of your log home. When starting fresh, we recommend using one of a number of time proven, long lasting Eco-friendly stains. At BC Log Finishers we work with you to determine the right product for your home.

We apply high quality, low VOC & Eco-Friendly Stains.

Chinking or Energy Sealants

Eliminate air & water infiltration

Stops bugs & rodents

Save on heating bills

Stretch & stays flexible


Are your heating bills higher than they should be? Are you concerned about water infiltration or rodents and bugs? At BC Log Finishers, we use flexible sealants between the logs to weatherproof and critter proof your log home.

You can choose between wide contrasting ‘chinking’ or a thin line of color matched ‘energy sealant’.

Your home may be beautiful but unfortunately not all log homes have been built to today's standards and methods. If not sealed properly some homes remain drafty and use much more energy to heat than they should. Some older homes even allow rain water to seep in and access for critters to enter. If you have any gaps between your logs they should be sealed up to create a dead air space and to eliminate a nesting environment for critters. Log home Chinking and Energy Sealants were created specifically to seal between the logs on milled or scribed log homes.

Renovations & Window Installs

Renovations to a log home should be done with care and precision. At BC Log Finishers, we have 35 years of hands on experience in constructing and restoring both stick frame and log homes. This gives us a leading edge on making updates and changes accurately and efficiency. There are issues specific to log homes that must be taken into consideration. For example, window, wall and cabinet installs or changes need to be done with the natural movement and settling of logs in mind. In many cases, sliding valances need to be created and screw jacks maintained. Don't get just any contractor to finish your log home!

Damage & Rot Repair

At the first sign of a problem it is important to repair or replace any damaged or compromised logs and to fix the issue at hand. More often than not, a damaged log can be saved by using one of a number of creative techniques. Wherever we can, BC Log Finishers will save you time and money in the restoration process, and preserve the overall look and integrity of the home.


In many cases one of our log experts can give you an unofficial inspection.

Many homeowner use this service for peace of mind, future planning or in addition to a traditional inspection prior to selling a home.

It is wise and necessary to periodically give your log home a homeowner inspection.  See our inspection checklist page for more details. We can provide "unofficial inspections" from a log home expert.

Remember that quotes are free in most cases.

We look forward to helping you with your project!

Let's Connect

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Sell Your Log Home

In addition to having decades of log and timber home building and restoration experience... Ben McCulloch is a licensed Real Estate Professional specializing in log and timber home sales. 

If you are considering restoring your log home in preparation for selling, there are important strategies that will increase the value and potential pool of buyers. 

Please connect to have a conversation. 

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