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A Piece of History from BC Log Finishers!

Thank you for your interest in our services. We love log homes as much as you do.

In this News | Blog page we hope to help to keep up to date with the latest & greatest techniques in log home building, maintenance and restoration. You will gain insight, advise, tips and tricks to keep your log home fresh, save money maintaining and increase the value. Your log home is likely one of your most important investments. Your family will grow up in it and create lasting memories. You will spend countless hours beside the fireplace with friends telling stories and creating memories to last a lifetime. We have done the same with ours. We understand what it takes to keep your log home intact and minimize stress so you can enjoy it as it was intended.

A piece of history:

As you may already know, our family has been in the log home building and restoration industry for 3 generations starting when my Grandfather built his first home in 1976 on the West Coast of BC. From there, he built McCulloch Log Homes and was the Premier log building company in BC building homes and shipping them all over the world including Japan. My Father joined the family business when he graduated high school and continued the family business for many years. The company changed names a couple times over the generations but the family has always been the same. BC Log Finishers is family owned and operated and has built long-standing relationships doing what we love.

Our company goal is to consistently produce log homes well above the industry standards. As an example, to keep visual and functional consistency, we hand scribe and fit rounded

copes not only onto the ends of the logs but up into the curls as well. See Process. Our master builders oversee every step of the construction process and personally handcraft all of the final scribes and cuts.

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