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BC Log Finishers

BC Log Finishers

Check out some of the projects that we have had the privilege to work on!

Stripping A Log Home With Eco Friendly Stripper

Stripping a log cabin using an eco friendly stripper prior to painting.

Hand Grinding A Log Home

This is an example of hand grinding a log home using an angle grinder. This is a necessary step in many cases prior to staining.

Buffing A Log Home Prior To Staining

This is an example of hand buffing a log home after using a pressure washer to remove an eco-friendly stain stripper. This will nock down standing fibres and create a premium look for staining.

Staining A Log Home

After stripping and preparing the log home you're ready to stain. Here is an example of using the sprayer to apply the first coat of stain. After this you will back brush to create maximum adhesion.

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